Penelope conrad - Crack who**

She's been an informant for the past 15 years

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Stay the fu** away from her
Dec 28 2019 02:37 AM
Why do the cops make total derelicts of society into informants? You should post more info on what she informs upon. Nothing worse than a nazi. These idiots have no respect for the constitution or bill of rights. They hide in all elements of society : expose exterminate them
Dec 29 2019 04:15 PM
The informant that people are referring to on this site is a narcotics informant. They are offered reduced or thrown out charges or money in exchange for providing inside info on other people they know who are dealing in illegal narcotics. They set people up for charges in order to save their own as*. With that being said why would the police ask anyone who wasn't able to maneuver in those circles to obtain the info they seek about illegal drug activity? Are you suggesting Joe normal who has never met a drug dealer be chosen for that job? I don't think he'd get very far. A "snitch" is an informant. Hence the site name I think you're the only one who didn't know what she "informs on". Most people who use this site know what it's about but you can always rat out Nazis too. All us "derelicts" don't judge.
Jan 07 2020 07:11 AM
Crystal Mendoza Roces is a police informant crack who**. One time she sent a picture into the Carson Sheriff's dept. of some dope and told them it was her ex husbands while he was sitting in jail and the bit** tried to call him a snitch because he didn't get charged with it. The thing is he was already in jail because that bit** snitched him out for some other sh** in the first place. I hate that Philippino cu**
Mar 30 2020 02:40 AM

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