Shad Jimenez - Police Rat & PC in jail
2 years ago
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This man is a cop snitch! Trust me he will rat you out to the cops cause he works with them!

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1 year ago person

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This is some funny sh** here I can see that who** carly hancock has out done herself this time . I'm impressed . Well for the record I could give a fu** what any of you loser drug addicts think of me . I have a normal job making real money and I don't go to jail . Anyone who gives a fu** about sh** like this is most likely a loser whos life is always in and out of jail selling and using drugs . Enjoy you pathetic lives
Jul 01 2020 12:40 AM
Shad I didn't write this . So bark up another tree and don't post me all over the net for this since I didn't post it !
Feb 14 2021 06:22 AM

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