Brian (the Pole Smoker) Cronk - Selling methamphetamine/Stalker

This sloth looking person is the most hatefull scandalous gaslamping meth slinger and pole smoker too. He spends all his time looking and selling methamphatemines and then is nondiscriminatory in who he sells to. He too is a serious addict who uses this to obtain sexual favors from both men and women. He has a hard time keeping friends who are upstanding people as he is drawn towards lowlife, lowfunctioning people who he can do whatever he thinks he can get away with. He uses and exploits even his closest friends and is two faced as anyone can get. He likes to date mostly women in relationships and he trains them in how to tell just enough to their significant other, he breaks all the rules on the street at his employment and basically lies to get out of more lies. He is suspected of being part of the untimely death of Stacy McCombs back in December 2016, he had at least three women who intiminate with him, were also gf of his. He was stabbed approximately 6 months prior to him dying. Brian is damaged and will never seek help, he only causes himself more and more problems, legal, professional and relationship/friendship wise. He spends all of his time stalking his current victim and when he gets rejected turns their lifes in to ruins, or trys to, as he has nothing he is jealous of what other have, so he sets out ot ruin them. He is very vindictive, knocking on windows, being physically and emotionally abusive towards all women as he doesn't trust, as in the case he is in now he shouldn't as she wants a baby and he's adamant of not having anymore children. His are grown and doing well never from any help of him. He was abandonded by his morther at age two and uses the sympathy card to try to get people to like him and to support his hateful intentions to set out and harm others. He may be just damaged beyond help, he is drug addicted to meth and alcohol and has been for many years. He gets a va check, a property check and money from his job that he was willing to put at risk for having sexual relations with a woman a his work, but again two faced, said he would tell her anything for instance that her having a kid with her was ok. He knows she wants more children and says she wants out of a relationshiop of ten years, but is having sex with them both and Brian is perfectly happy with that as he can barely take care of his self, he currently rents a room and doesnt' even have a car, so the worker he is having sex with picks him up and takes him home. He also doesn't have a license but drives when he can put enough money together to get one but they rarely last as he has many haters who want paybacks. He was abandoned at 2 years old left with a father who had very little time for him. He uses/physically assaults/and demeans women in a very behind the back way, often just by having sex with several women at the same time period, and then blames them when he begins to "get back" at them, but cries like a baby, like the baby he is as he is VERY NEEDY. I ask God to start letting his sloth looking being to reap the things that he has sewn into other peoples lifes. He is a drama queen and he looks like a sloth, with dentures. He is a begger and always plays the sympathy card for this or that and usually those cards are for his gain in some way....a Pepsi, a sexual act, in which he swings both ways, and he does not mind that he passes on STDs to potentially everyone he has contact with. I pray he finds guidance and finds real love and in hopes to a better way of life in his future, no drugs, no retaliation, and no lies and other mates. He is constantly, daily, buying and selling meth and he knows people who do that too and threatens to snitch them out if they don't do what he says. He isn't really worth having around and he is personal and professional liability as he misleads and misguides and even using drugs for sex with both men and women. In my opinion he needs to as he looks similar to a sloth in the face and hands. He pretends he has a heart only to find out that nothing hes about is the real deal, His phone number is 515-201-6037 so if you need some drugs give him a call, he can set you up, in more ways than one.....He finds pleasure and joy in trying to bring down someone who is oonfident and self sufficient. He throws baby fits, slams things, breaks things and even throws pop all over the walls and glass fronts in my home, well I should say did. He is contantly looking to "payback" someone for not wanting him and for seeing him for who he truly is. may God reap upon him the seeds that he has sewn. He cant keep things together, all the lies and people he has wronged, so he retaliated by harrassind stalking his interests, he always has someone he not really interested in to do for him what the other person wont. He is a user in so many ways. Warning to his job, his women, whoever might need to now that he is as hateful of a person as ive ever seen in my entire life. Although I should be extremely mad at his recent actions against me, I just hope that when messing around he ends up on the receiving end of it. He flys under the radar but would suck a co**, take it in the as* by men or do whatever necessary to avoid any responsibility for the situations he finds himself in, by his choices I might add.

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Yes, this is absolutely the truth and I believe he has assaulted other as he has me. When I've called the police when he assaulted me recently, the police officers father, so he says and a neighbor called and told him they were at my house, the officers father taught him how to box....he only uses that ability on women though in the 2 1/2 years that I've known him. His phone number is 515-201-6037 and he lives at a friends, I'm thinking not for much longer as he has been having lots of shady company and stealing from the person that he lives with to help supplement his income for dope and who***, there is not one woman that I know of that he hasn't had to pay to get with, with the exception of the nasty looking spread her legs for anyone who** at his job, who he happens to be the supervisor of. I believe her and him and even the girls idiot bf are all in on bringing some lawsuit against their employer because Brian should have known better. He told me that he had an affair at a previous job with a woman who he was her supervisor too and it didn't end well. I hope his employer opens their eyes before they all walk away with some money for being nasty who***, all of them. I also know that he had every reason to want Stacy McCombs dead, the police should open there eyes and get this scumbag off the streets before he kills someone else....or hurts someone else, he is a stalker and a low life. From what I know he always has been at least in his adult life. He is his own worst enemy and no ones real friend. So beware as this girl hes seeing at his job is so nasty it woudllnt' surprise me if she has AIDES. She looks hideous to say the least. Therefore if you want to date him, beware, if you want to employ him, beware. If you have any meth dealings with him, beware....He is a real life snitch, backstabber and he is going to snap when this girl gets pregnant as he says he doesn't want more kids but she texts him she comes along with an 8 year old and she also wants until she figures out how he really ticks...May God watch over me and give back to him what he has done to me and others. As of yet he has not been held accountable for most of his actions, so that tells me that he is doing something for someone to keep himself able to keep doing bad things, criminal things, and hateful stalking things. He has thrown pop all over the inside of my house, broken things on purpose around my house, and even lied and had me put in jail, took over my house and had parties while I was away for 16 days, He is a scandalous, mindbending, crazy making liar. He even told his employer earlier this year or late last year he had cancer. He has never had cancer, he lies just to lie, he is one troubled person, I would say soul, but I do not believe that he even has one and if he does its pure evil. BEWARE
Aug 01 2017 05:36 AM
*sips tea* very good Lipton.
Nov 20 2017 06:59 PM
Wow! Sounds a lot like brad firkins who is a CI.... watch out people. He will snitch on you for exactly what he's doing. It doesn't matter if you're his girl either he will set you up then call the cops on you.
Mar 07 2018 11:20 PM
Aug 18 2020 05:03 PM

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