Whispering Oaks Apts - Nuts managers
2 years ago
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Seems like management is losing their minds with letters to us tenants. Must be something in water. NPR guest scientist said the virus is not harmful to humans. Fox News said you can't breathe the virus in. Management needs to chill with letters that say no visitors. Also violations by management should be waived as Multi housing said that's illegal for managers to do. Also a lady going from door to door in Bldg 41 asking for rides to her mailbox. Getting annoyed. The problem is that much of these old apartments at Whispering Oaks have no rugs or tile on the floor making it safe for kids or sanitary. Germs stay on floors and we breathe these germs in everyday. Needs to be rugs or tile on these wood floors in complex building 42 and 41.

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