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This company is owned by Robert Vick. Check Fontaine Cabin Rentals for more information.

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I am so glad this information was here for me. I was about to contact the Vicks. Thanks again.
Jul 10 2010 10:30 AM
Wow, I bet you were freaked out. I am so glad you resolved it so quickly. Peggy is a wonderful person and you can trust her. I just emailed a lawyer our real estate agent suggested. His office is in Sevierville. I asked him if I could post his info on a blog site so in case some of you that have been victimized would like to call him. I talked to a lawyer close to Cobbly Nob and he does work for ROBERT VICK and he could not represent anyone against him. Plus what ticked me off he did not seemed shocked when I told him what ROBERT and LIBBY VICK did. He must know there business ethics. He did not seem to care about the VICKtims. I sure will share this with all I come in contact in this area.
Jul 21 2010 03:12 PM
The furor may have died down but the Vick name will forever be a nasty blight in Gatlinburg. Locals will remember and laugh at the mention of the name long after they are gone. They may have gotten away with this but they will pay with their reputation, never mind trying to make excuses and hide behind their religion. May you and your offspring enjoy taking that to the bank, Robert and Libby.
Feb 20 2011 10:22 AM

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