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12 years ago
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I have heard lots of rumors and seen the smoke screens given by pastor and I want to know the truth. Please show us the financial data so that we can rest easy if there is no problem. I want to see a trusted reputable charity organization approve the spending of the church. Is that too much to ask?

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Right, as if the Gathering Church or Gathering Family would submit to anyone. I have heard about Gene wolfenbarger, the most unhumble man I know. Let us see if they will ever reveal where all the money goes. and not just show the categories of spending. to be fully approved by one of the councils so that you can see the hiding of marketing expenses as outreach, or clothing expenses as outreach as that other poster said. That is why they hide the expenses to make the spending look better. It is sad in todays church when people grow to a height using God's name and then prostitute it out the back door doing unholy things with HIS money. A concerned Gathering Church member. oh and as for revealing who I am, you think I want to be harassed by you because Gene bragged to a few of the wrong people. But I still know too many people that go to that church some of which have not seen the light in regards to the personal gain. I do not want them attacking me because the wool has been pulled over their eyes. It is so easy to say a spiritual attack when the truth is revealed. But the beauty is... it will all come out soon enough. God will not be Mocked!
Nov 28 2009 06:32 AM
well you can pray for the gathering church and wish for the best or find a place that does do all the right things as far as financial accountability. I think there is a reason that they have yet to submit to one of the organizations that grade charities on how they handle their finances.
Nov 29 2009 08:22 AM
Most of the bloggers are not anti-the gathering church, and anti-pastor gene wolfenbarger. We are anti-corrupt-gathering-church, and anti-corrupt-church-finances!!!
Nov 29 2009 01:39 PM
The Gathering church in sevierville is hiding much more than you want to know. Dig around the internet and you will find out what I mean. I am saddened by those who do not yet know what is really going on behind the scenes.
Jun 17 2010 02:57 PM

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