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12 years ago
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I wish I could trust the man.

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Trust the Man? Never I would not trust one thing he touches in ministry without a line item accounting of the finances. and then you need to question everything... because he puts the flyers and postcards you get in the mail box 3 times a month under MISSIONS. yeah right, that is marketing. God adds people to HIS church. and to consider your marketing mission work? PLEASE!
Sep 02 2010 01:41 PM
I get those giant, slick postcards from The Gathering, but they only make me really wonder about a church that would spend so much money on marketing.
Mar 07 2011 04:41 PM
They sure spend a lot of money on glam. I really believe they are hoping to entice those with money to be part of the gathering. Gene never had time to talk to me; I just drive a Jeep.
May 06 2011 05:01 AM
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