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2 years ago
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questioned by the feds about a case that's already been investigated for 2 years is getting ready to unseal indictment against people is that the same as being a CI?

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A CI is a confidential informant. Its anyone who is cooperating with any branch of law enforcement. Some picked up their own charges and are doing it to get those charges reduced or dropped or they're being paid to provide information on the illegal activities of others. They work closely with law enforcement in order to arrange controlled buys, set ups, and wear a wire usually. Most are offered deals where if they provide law enforcement with three other people who they've set up their own charges are reduced or dropped. I dont really understand how your scenario above relates to a CI. Just because someone is questioned doesn't mean they are CI. Indictments are handed down based on many months of investigations normally and a CI can be one of the methods used to obtain the information on someone's illegal dealings.
Nov 28 2019 02:19 AM

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