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What can I say about my magic time at Krishna Cottage and Rishikesh Yog Peeth Teacher Training? Everyone should do this course whether you want to teach yoga or not! The school exceeded my expectations by far with an excellent team of teachers, a well thought through schedule and by making you feel at home. It's such a cliche but it truly is a life changing experience. Don't get me wrong you will always be the same person after all only you can change yourself or allow change to happen to you. However it's like your are taken apart into your smallest parts right down to the molecular level then piece by piece you get turned upside down, cleansed and put back together to make you whole again. Same, Same but Different. The 6 weeks passed way to quickly and as for the course it was well structured and the time was just right. Whether you are a total beginner or a practiced yoga student you will learn so, so much. I loved that the course started right at the beginning assuming nothing of your previous experience or lack thereof. The teachers walk you right through all the beginners moves up to some more challenging poses. Each class was different and the two teachers where a beautiful contrast to each other (in the best possible way) showing different facets of teaching and approaching yoga in general. I enjoyed each and every class, I even started to like some of the poses I tend to avoid in my own practice. However it is still an intense course and depending on your fitness levels you may struggle a little but the rewards you gain are worth it. In addition to the physical Asana education you are also taught philosophy and anatomy. You will gain an insight into Yogic Philosophy which allows you to emerge into the yogic world even further. The philosophy classes will help you reevaluate your views and perceptions of the world while the Anatomy classes will help you to deepen your understanding of your Asana poses. Overall it was a magic time and I can only recommend everyone looking for TTC training to come to Rishikesh and take it at Yog Peeth. It will become your home away from home! >>Daniela Bruns >>https://plus.google.com/104741247782955570861

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