Rhianna haines - Bench Warrant
3 years ago
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History of 3 DUII'S, 3 or 4 DWS's, false information to an officer, identify theft. Won't ever have a DL again. Lol And a current Bench warrant!

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And that kind of makes YOU the "snitch" doesn't it? Lol A snitch is someone who "rats out" another person for their illegal activity to get themselves out of trouble or lessens the consequences of their own illegal activity OR someone who shares information about another person that does not pertain to them or affect them in any way. Unfortunately gossip and the like are allowed on this site but its main function is to make other people aware of which people work with the police, who the confidential informants are, and who among us isn't willing to take responsibility for their own sh** if they find themselves in trouble for their own illegal activities.
Nov 09 2018 11:12 PM

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