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What is it about human nature that requires us to feel accepted by others, to put so much weight on others perception of who we are? To put it into perspective, we are desiring to be rated by others. This is why so many rating websites exist today that literally rate every body part. Today, you can rate someone's face, smile, body, breasts, butt and other private regions of the body. Surprisingly, there isn't a site dedicated to rating someone's assh*** (perhaps it already exists or someone can start it up after reading this-lol). The real world lacks a visible scale, but it's indirectly present and utilized. It's obviously visible on the Internet, from a thumb up or down to a more traditional scale of 1 to 10. We don't see a score on top of our heads as we perform our day to day tasks, but that's exactly what's happening in both the real world and the virtual world. There's a plethora of sites out there with rating features, but one of my favorite places to rate photos is rateOmeter.

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