Laura mae castaneda - Psycho stalker

Follows girl in her car, takes pictures of her drives by girls exps house looking for her tells everyone that she is girls sister calls girls mom her mom. Took photos of girl and girls kids but edited the girls face so that the girl looked more like Laura. Made multiple false reports on girl with the police and makes fake profiles to stalk the girl who clearly wants nothing to do with the sicko. If girl ends up murdered we already know who it would be. Laura mae castaneda would be number one suspect. This is disgusting but the cops wont do a damn thing.

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Photography scam
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I'm her cousin and this is 100 percent accurate she barrowed my car several times to drive by her brothers house to stalk his ex. She kept insisting that his ex doesn't deserve to live and she doesn't deserve her daughter and that her daughter should be hers. I wish I could apologize to melissa but she wants to be left alone and I dont blame her. I hope nothing happens to her but Laura is obsessed and I cant do anything so I left it alone.
Aug 01 2019 03:27 PM
I am a former friend of Laura's and I can honestly say there were times Laura would drive by her brothers house to try and take pictures of melissa and her daughter. I guess she and her husband stole alot of crap from her brother which she actually showed me a few things like her dead mother's phone and part of her moms ashes in a jar she kept by her computer. She laughed and said I replaced my moms ashes with charcoal from the bbq grill he can keep those. She just became very vengeful and a hateful person. And yes she stalked melissa for the past two years I guess she cant find her now which is actually a good thing because the things she was planning to do to try and get Melissa's daughter were sick. If melissa or the police want to know more I will make a statement.
Sep 21 2019 02:51 PM

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