Laura mae castaneda - Scam artist, theif
3 years ago
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Plays on others hardships so she can play the helper/savior to get donations to later pocket or sell.. end up screwing over the person who was actually in need of help.. very sad actually

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Psycho stalker
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Photography scam
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Omg she did something similar to my boyfriends mom not that long ago. Why haven't they done anything about this.. this is a crime
Mar 12 2019 04:36 PM
That's funny this is on here lol Idk anything about that but I know she was committing fraud at one time she had a bow business that racked in over 3000 a week and also her photography business making alot of money all while collecting foodstamps and cash aid I dont know of she still does that but I heard all about her fu***** people over one was really sad she conned some poor girl who was getting abused to come stay with her till she got on her feet..ending up taking all that girl had put her out as fast as she took everything with the end result girls infant son almost dying because of laura. Sad story but hey that's why I stopped talking to her not the person she portrayed herself to be
Mar 12 2019 05:27 PM
This girl is a con girl. She just took all my grandpa's money and belongings. None of my family knows her so we are unsure how she got access to him. There has to be a law for taking from a elderly and vulnerable person. I called police but they basically told me if I dont have proof there was no crime. Only thing I got is my grandpa's statement and since he is in and out of lucid thought cops wont do a damn thing.
Aug 11 2019 01:52 AM
Yeah she's my ex wife I'm pretty sure, she's always been trying to scam someone or something. Since 2004, trying to do anything to get free money, SSA claims, fake car accidents, not to mention she's officially kidnapped my kids....I was actually so brainwashed by her at 21 that I believed she was a good and better parent than me. But I'm reading a lot on this website about her that says far otherwise. Thank you.
Dec 05 2020 09:04 AM

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