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11 months ago
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Joshua Rogoff, Portsmouth, NH, is a snitch. Major addict(Meth, Fetanyl, crack, coke, etc) is constantly paranoid, thief, goes off on major paranoid moments where he thinks everyone is ratting on him, being followed, people are withholding drugs from him and the list goes on. He'll have people doing drugs in the bathroom, while his 7 year old son is asleep on the bed in his small 1 room apartment. He is a cop caller and will rat people out to them. He committed NH unemployment fraud and is under investigation. He plays victim and recently told people his dad died, called and filed a fake report with the police saying he had a $100,000 in artifacts stolen. He is the lowest of scum!!STAY AWAY FROM SUCH SCUM! And the best, tries to act straight, but loves co** more than anything!!

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This is the most false information I have ever come across. Word for word this person tried ruining Joshua's life by deflecting his flaws onto Joshua in order to continue doing the scum bag actively using druggy things he's doing to this day. How could he actually know all this detailed information without stooping to that level himself. Clearly he's at rock bottom and desperate to take the spot light off himself. Take tgis article down now please, its ruining a good fathers relationship with his children.....and more importantly his children will be badly affected not seeing who they daily beg to see.
Jun 16 2021 03:53 AM

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