Jimmy Weddle Jr - Drugs
1 year ago
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Category Crime

I Brittany Brown is swearing my word that in 2017 until 2020 Jimmy Lee Weddle Jr. Has a mouths supply of drug dealer One Is Martha Ann Bellamy she sells meth and pain pill. Nikki Dunford she sells meth crack Heroin And Several Different Pain Killers including Subtext And Box. Troy Bellamy his Martha husband He Sells Meth and black tore Heroin. I am not sure Carenda Weddle that his wife if she sells r but but I know she uses drugs a bunch when I was friends with her she got lock up I started see Jimmy Weddle her husband for his dope pulse I got in some trouble I had to get someone I'm not going to jail. And I hope he rose down and the rest of the people Do r the sh** they do. Informant Name: Brittany Brown Address: Lebanon Square D17 Lebanon VA 24266 Contact information: 276-202-7003

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