Forrest Reed Barrow - Sissy Baby Transvestite Fairy Fa****
1 year ago
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Forrest Reed Barrow lives in Clinton, WA on Whidbey island just north of Seattle and he is a Sissy Baby Transvestite Fairy Fa**** who dresses from head to toe like that of a 3 to 4 year old little girl including wearing real Babies sopping wet Peed in Diapers and very noisy Nursery print plastic diaper pants under his very poofy Petticoats and little Girls dresses every day. He dosen't care who sees him dressed this way and he only goes out in public during day time hours to make sure that everyone can and will see him perfectly clear and maybe even recognize him. He goes by the name Sissy Reed Barrow now and everyone on Whidbey island knows about him and probably have seen him out dressed up as a little girl. He dresses this way 24/7/365 for 10 years now and tells people he is only 4 years old but he's really 64 years old. He is also being community gang stalked and community shamed for dressing this way in public.

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