Elizabeth Johnson "Activist Mommy" - Evil Lying Bit** Tries To Cover Up Her Adulterous Ways
3 years ago
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Lying "Christian" Activist and washed up ex porn "actress" who has tried several times to return, somehow to the spotlight that eluded her in her awful but very short lived porn career, had been caught at least three times a month by her, soon to be ex husband in bed with an ever changing, revolving door list of sexual partners, both male and female as well as transgender and even a few of the canine variety, in a bid to "Save Face" as a pro life activist (She herself has had several abortions) concocted a fancy and quite elaborate lie about her husband after he walked out when he found her in bed with her own son AND daughter. The lie made it look as though her husband was a cheater, a pornography addict and a homosexual, which none of theses are true. Over the past few years, Elizabeth (Soon to be Lyndon as she is going through gender reassignment surgery) has made up lies on her website about "Teen Vogue, Netflix, PBS Kids and Starbucks in a bid to whip the Nation into a rabid frenzy against the "Libturds" and then release a Worldwide Epidemic based on an idea she got from a "Simpsons" episode, that will cause the Nation to go on lockdown so she can lead them to protest being told to stay away from Churches so they will be led to believe that "Satan" is ushering in a "New World Order" or something and they will follow her as their new leader (Actual dream of hers is to be Dictator....her words) and make them all drink to her at her Inauguration party which is actually a mind control drug turning them all into murderous Zombies while she and Pastor Greg Locke (A Spouse abuser and attempted Murderer..of his own Wife) have public anal sex on the White House Lawn

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