He posted a comment on badbusinessbureau.com about a complaint by someone using a fictious name. The complaint may have not sounded accurate but really is if you watched how most of the people running the local church act. Most of them act above the law. Is that ethical know. They just want your money, your respect and devotion and media attention that's how many of these millionaires run their eccentric ministries. All in the name of God. Then you have a dummy like Doug to say something is not true without fair rebuttals. Many church groups are not all bad or all cults unless of course they act like jerks which many do. I mean who ever heared of a ministry selling donuts just to make a few dollars and going around doing that. Another one is begging for a donation and pressuring people to give for a cause. Jesus and His followers never did that as I read. Hmm. Just more money in the ministres pockets. Bah Humbug. I think if they are true christians they would'nt be spying on people or complaining that there proves there warped and not even loving people. Where there is love and respect that is what makes a church. I think the real church is at home. Spending time with people you know. neighbors not being nosey and acted stupid. That's "church".

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Jun 29 2022 11:41 PM

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