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2 years ago
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Cox sent out a total of 4 techs on a course. Of 6 weeks, and they all said its my system, hired a computer tech, he said the modem that cox provided / charge for isnt compatibility with cox 1gig per second - why didn't their tech know this - computer asked cox how come theirs techs lack product knowlage? Isnt that basic cabling 101 - knowing what product will wotk on what speeds - when called cox back, only 75$ refund, total lost $1000+ -

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This is a place to snitch, not a place to whine about how you are pathetic you are to get ripped off and do nothing about it. First, stupid to shell out $1000 and hire someone to discover the problem. That is Cox job, hold them to it. File a BBB complaint. Email each departments top person, explain issue and ask to have a 20% service discount for two years to recoup your losses.
Aug 15 2019 11:36 PM

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