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Internal racism so pervasive that racist managers ( African American and Latino) get away with invading your privacy and stalking you on vacation. The healthcare division I worked in was openly racist and discriminatory to white employees. The managers would say that I was not one of them what they meant was I was white and did not belong to their cult. A manager was allowed to have access to my home internet and she would emotionally abuse me with other Christian"cult members in the office. They believed that your personal relationships were their business and engage in stalking to intimidate you. They find it hard to get rid of high school educated managers so they used Racist employees some with government connections: ie a woman who claimed to be Senator Booker's assistant's family member and a racist music producer to control, prevent quality workers from seeking justice or getting other jobs at better companies. The healthcare division had institutionalized racism and hired white employees for a quota. I have had several harassing interactions from employees who say they know Homeland Security Agents Chris Rodriguez and state police drone access via Lockheed Martin to stalk, abuse and terrorize my family. They got away with sexual harassment and racism because the upper HR refused to get rid of openly racist politically connected cult members. If you worked at this company and know what management did to employees who were a different religion or race call the conduent corporate Ethics hotline.

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Cynthia Slade yelled on an office phone to Alvarez : I will make you so crazy you will never teach again! Institutional accepted racism and harassment at the company. Company knew and kept gang like managers who threatened employees and invaded their home internet to share personal emails with other 1984 conformists like themselves!
Dec 26 2019 04:02 AM
I was never a gang stalk , bully, stalker, harasser, cult member like they were. If someone is different and has opinions and a college degree they will intimidate you because they have Cracker Jack box high school diplomas with maybe 1 year of specialized education. Very evil mean slave owners over workers company mentality. Quality workers were targeted. They were so bored they shared my home internet with the office. They verbally abused me, found out my travel plans and sent a manager to guardian me. They never found any illegal activity and it frustrated them. I had my hotel room entered and my vitamins taken for analysis. They were such a bunch of crazy lunatics : who wanted access to a white chic's personal life. If you have any info : feel free to use a secure email server and send to
Dec 26 2019 04:12 AM
Email error: the email is Because this innocent chic likes to travel without gang stalk psychos who murder and watchtower people's lives who they view as slaves.
Dec 26 2019 04:14 AM
These events are factual and true A company phone recording , yet no one cared about these reptiles controlling people. . Numerous people knew about them targeting me yet they didn’t have the conscience to speak up. They targeted me because I was white.
May 21 2022 07:09 PM
Human trafficking is unlawful and illegal . Yet they try to ..... abuse They want to decide people’s success which is racism. Alvarez once said after I spent a day home sick with Havana Syndrome. See what we can do. Alien Marvin the Martians with no soul channeling the aliens.
May 21 2022 07:13 PM
She stalked me to work several times , fake crying and emotion throwing her alien sh** my way. She rallies racists
May 21 2022 07:15 PM
Bad souls of conformity office I don’t think of you at all. Just the ones who were nice.
May 21 2022 07:16 PM
Somewhere there is a recording of you abusing people , with your feet propped up, on a cheap desk, thinking your hot sh**. Your a cult and no one wants to be you.
May 21 2022 07:22 PM
Really bad people , don’t feel bad for them. The company had recordings they looked the other way. For their own skins.
May 21 2022 07:24 PM
She always repeated “ if we play his gave we get what we want” They weren’t talking about Jesus.
May 21 2022 07:26 PM
“If we play his game we get what we want” I woke up to slamming of drawers in Spain”He has a wife and child” her alien head mind controlled her to think she needed to position herself in the room below me. She cane up to my desk and said “I got a tan in just one day” and smirked . Chic in the office admitted she went there and the office advertised her absence. It’s only ok to be wild and carefree sexually if you are Puerto Rican and sleep with influential men who can get the dough to fund herZ.
May 22 2022 02:15 AM
Today her new boyfriend flew his little red plane to find me and “warn” me and threaten me. All you’ve got to do is live your life and let others live theirs. Tired of this auto dealer cult sh**. You bug people and then act like victims.
May 22 2022 05:02 PM
I stood in line and get threats from strangers, approaching me with their gorilla they protect. I had this chic really close up to my human body "she's warning you." she growls at me. Mob wackos. I'm warning you stop stalking me with your occult I know what your thinking and going to do.... bullshit...control thyself shapeshifting wackos really do exist, but why do they protect breeders of Satan... I don't want the likes of you in my day I took your picture. To prove you are stalking me and you change your "shape" but you never get it. You are not nice spirits. You breed. You're a type of new age polygamous cult. My day wishes to be free of you...forever Humans just don't like you...even if you think you are like lucifer maybe
May 22 2022 11:54 PM

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