Church of the Cove - Fake, hypocrites, liars, crooked
4 years ago
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Very dishonest church members. Darren, the pastor there well off, as is his staff. They are very shady . They fool people, wear masks. One of the wealthy elders named Chris of the church goes on vacation a lot. They don't help people at all if you don't have family that goes to their silly church. They take money from widows. They really are sad people. People buy into the garbage they teach. They are entertainers not a real church. They have lots of supporters and snitches. They have friends in local government that snitch on people to the church staff. Rednecks. The family of the pastor, Darren, don't interact with church non-members.

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Dishonest staff
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They don't care
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not helpful
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unique cult
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