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Chrystal Blackshear is a well known snitch she's from garland tx and lives in Dallas she sailed 3 false police reports against a good friend of mine then she was scared he was going turn her in for a robbery she and boyfriend committed and tried to make him think she was going to fix it with no intentions of doing so. He didn't get locked up and now she's trying to say he forced her to sign papers saying he didn't do what she said he did. She's wrong and a liar manipulated and uses everyone

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Good try Richard DeWitt, lol. You're a psychotic dope who** that lies and manipulates women and when they find out the true you, you stalk them, lie about them, and try to destroy them their property and their lives! But you are the only one looking like a fool who can't keep a good woman cuz your so messed up on drugs. The best place for you is jail or a good rehab!
Dec 03 2020 10:08 AM
I am staying neutral. I know nothing about this.
May 03 2021 11:14 PM

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