Christopher Jay Pinson - Closet Queer Addict Thief
2 years ago
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This queer bastard and his very nice and drop dead handsome former roommate was at a McDonald's in Columbus Ohio and I was attempting to carry on an intelligent conversation with the former roommate (Who I wish I could find again) when this disgusting egotistical bastard butt his way into our conversation when he overheard I was interested in coming over and smoking out the roommate and bringing a 5th of Makers Mark and renting a couple John Waters films. Chris ended up practically raping me with his very small (For a Black Man) penis, shot his load in under one minute and took my purse and then took off "To buy liquor" and told me not to talk to the roommate or he'll ki** him when he gets back. He never came back so me and the roommate ended up smoking about six joints, making love for about three hours and drinking an entire 5th of makers mark. I called the roommate about a week later and he said that Chris was staying the week at a Hotel with a Dee Dee Steven whom I found out later was a tranvestite crack dealer who had stolen over $25,000 worth of collectibles from the roommate back in 2015 when he was in the hospital

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Lying Pig
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