For years now it has been questioned and rumored that Chris is a snitch. In the last few months have heard that he is a paid informant & this was from a friend who knows Chris as well, & overheard Chris' name from someone in a separate conversation. So he asked that person what they were talking about & asked & was supposedly shown a picture of Chris confirming it was him. Was also told there is paperwork on him as being a ci. In the last few days 2 friends have been taken by the feds after searches & heard it was Chris Zimmerman that narced. Also a girl named Amber Bonowitz got busted with large amt of drugs & cash but no charges. Then police I guess went to all her drop sites. Her and Chris are friends. I want to know if all of this is true about Chris Zimmerman? He goes by the nickname of Zimm, he's 42 yrs old. Dark hair, balding on top, & is heavy set. He grew up in Hampton. He's a Tweaker. I believe he still currently resides in Boone, maybe still with his sister. But he knows ppl and has many contacts & friends all over such as Dows, Hampton, Mason City, & Marshalltown. If anyone has any info on him please post this, especially anyone who's seen or has paperwork on him. I want and need to know the truth.

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Not a snitch
Sep 08 2019 05:24 PM
Is a snitch.. why haven't the feds picked up that flight risk when the have open shut case and they have picked up everyone else. Amber is in prison why isnt he? Anyone dealing with this guy needs to know
Nov 11 2019 12:55 PM
Hampton and Marshalltown are so fuc***. Its gonna get super violent in the next few years. You fu***** tweakers with your demand of dope is bringing in pure evil from the south and you dont even know it.
Dec 18 2019 07:52 PM
Well he's indicted now and facing many counts of conspiracy.My guess is like many pieces of sh** he ran out of people in his own backyard to set up,snitch on etc..I'm sure he thought he was golden but when they are done with you,your done! Him and amber bonewitz are included in a super seeded inditment.That means there are others and will be others to come.He set amber up,and they have his whereabouts for many months gps as was Amber.He is a coward he could of faced his own bullshit,how could he believe the feds would let him walk???
Feb 04 2020 08:10 PM
Becuz theyve been letting him walk for years!! I know for a fact he put one of my best friends away for 17 years... And I know this becuz he called me from federal prison and told me whatever you to stay away from Zimm... This was in 2010, but this time Zimm sold a half pound to a federal agent in Des Moines that's where all their problems stemmed from this time, which landed him a federal indictment just like everybody else!!...
Mar 08 2020 11:24 PM
And is he going to skate by this time? The paperwork said he stopped communicating with the feds last year and they had to go find him.
Mar 14 2020 04:03 AM
Amber set him up you stupid fu** ! Get your sh** straight. They asked him to work with them and he agreed but never did . Instead he went into hiding and eventually got caught because the 2 pieces of sh** in iowa falls tip the cops of on what vehicle he was in .
Apr 01 2020 12:28 AM
How the hell did she set him up? Does that mean she set Bert Banstra up? And Troy Clark? What kind of break did she get? She got 12 years.According to the federal court record he DID work with them up to a certain point,then hid out because ultimately he would have to be held accountable for whatever they got him for in the first place.
Apr 06 2020 03:14 PM
Shes out
Sep 14 2020 11:51 PM
What the fu**? Shes not out shes in waseca minn federal prison.Gimme some proof.
Sep 24 2020 10:03 PM

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