Chelsea Hollingsworth.,Chelsea.,Wilson.,Chelsea Hollin.,.Chelsea Hollingsworth., Chelsea coos.,By this time im sure they are going by a new one. - Getting taken advantage of senior citizens.--
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well I'm guessing eventhough Chelsea continued telling me that her children needed lots of different things .And I sent her money to help her little guys.When I would say no her then her mommie would do everything they could to make me feel guilty and that would hurt I would give in and give her money for the childrenYet I guess I should have known what money was for.she picked up the money and then go with one of her boyfriends and stay all nite in a cheap place .GUESS THATS where the porn was made. I thought she was married seems I was wrong.seems . Me sending her money for her children .Then filling her body with drugs and guess who.Now I found out she has taken advantage of many other seniors.I don't think she ever spent any money for my little buddies but stuff up the ole nose and in the arms in those screwed up jailhouse tats.I don't know how they use the heroin and meth but sure they would let me know.REALLY weird that lady faith the leader is almost 70 yet she came here to my house and showed the younger ones how to steal while I was watching.Guess that's why she got so many names. MOst parents teach their children the right way to live.Folks if these folks are close by youll know because the smell from them are the smell from a horse barn.THOUGHT if I bought them some nice clothes they might bathe. Wrong again.DONT trust these folks.This is very shameful CHELSEA AND a guy went on to Tn. Faith remained here also going to Goodwill in GOOSE CREEK Sc..She would tell me she was looking for things I got gave too her never asked her for money. .Then she sets me up to get robbed.I stood in my garage and gave her things yet wasn't enough for any of them they kept up till that stole all the stuff they could sell and trade for drugs.I know everybody is blaming me yeah its all my fault.These folks stole more from me than they'll ever make in a year.If you happen to meet these folks besides their odors all of em.Even giving them brand new clothes They still could not bring themselves to wash.You can tell they were brought up in that kind of a family.But my wife was also loving cousins kinda weird.Folks if you meet Chelsea Louis Faith., youll know if they are lying cause their mouth will be moving .Pretty sure drugs got their teeth already.Pretty sure they have someone watching me.Guys at Goodwill asking about me.Someone followed me a couple nights ago got behind me in a truck I stopped in the middle of the road after locking my brakes Got out of my car with guess?Asshole took off very quickSo if something happens to me youll know.I mean I gave that family money for a year thousands of dollars Bought thousands in new clothes All I got was a couple of nude pics her boyfriend ra .took of them.BUT THINGS LOOKED LIKE HASNT SEEN ANY SOAP AND WATER FOR MANY YEARS.Wonder if face book knows of all they are doing the illiegal stuff porn.,drugs...I guess folks all this is my fault!.Folks if ya run intoi these folks never bend over. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK.If you have fillings in your teeth don't go to sleep.Very odd help someone ya get screwed ,

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I guess these young folks are raised this way being brought in a place where drugs are constantly used.Folks they have their pictures on you tube.Thank goodness they've got clothes on no way ya waana see all that filthy body parts.their is many pictures of all this on web.One I saw shes peeing showing lots of young boys.THESE FOLKS ARE NOW IN CA> AND UTAH
Dec 18 2017 08:22 PM
You old pervert.I caught you stealing my underwear (probably to sniff)You also play with your withered crab like organ in your garage with a pair of my panties on your head.We saw you!You also sniffed my grannies bike seat on her 3-wheeler.You should be ashamed.Shame on you old skin-dick!!!
Jan 13 2018 08:20 AM
You huff farts and molest german shepherds. Shame on you,old sack-scratcher
Jan 13 2018 08:22 AM
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