Buddy muncey, bud, buddy Muncie - Nark he chose to nark to copes and where a wire and camera to buy drugs from dealers some most witch know him and thalt he was cooli
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Snitching on dealers and buying from them wheeling wire and cam and snitched on his friends aswell and to mention buddy does drugs to so real snitch and he did the snitching just to get off probation and he like to steel from any any one he is a constant lier constantly lieing and he loves to take over older lady's and try and take there house and things .. and he likes being apart of little kids getting jumped and beatin severely. This man is dirt if he comes around u or your family beat his as* watch out tho he shoots up heroin and meth

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I heard about that I kno the guy that posted that it's true and read this....... that same guy named buddy riped off my friend who let him stay at his house to help him he ripped him off of a lot of cash on a deal tryed to lie about it and,,, little later set him up with the cops ( Georgetown county DEA) buddy chose to go the the cops with this too to stay out of jail on some other charges but went undercover wherein a wire and a camera did a deal with him a few times to build a case for the cops and when the cops took the guy to jail buddy sold all the guys stuff even his dog" and stole pills from his mom that she needs. And when my friend got out jail buddy was no where to be found just buddy made up bull sh** about my friend telling every one that was his house and all kinda bs. We heard buddy is liven in Andrews somewhere with a few people that also shoot Heroin. So yea buddy Muncie or what ever his name realy is is a SNITCH" constant lier trash talking (can't back it up) punk a theff a dirty heroin meth shooting drug addic a user back staber a no washing dirty stink piece of sh**.
Nov 25 2020 09:33 AM

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