Belinda Flaugh - Cop caller
10 months ago
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She pretends to take selfies after she takes one hit of meth she gets in her nasty moods and starts talking to random guys on the internet and sends selfies and while she does that she takes pictures of people doing drugs . When she doesnt get her way she calls the police and snitches anyone out for the fu** of it . She sits around trying to make everyone's life miserable because she let her own child get locked up in the garage attick by her ex bf Tommy Ball Which btw she says has a lose butt**** because he got raped by many black guys at one point in his life . But back to her son he was locked up in the attick in the middle of summer and neighbors called the police and shes lost her other kids due to her smart husband taking them from her .shes bitter and salty over that so she goes around trying to set others up WATCH OUT THIS NASTY HOE IS A COP IN WEBSTER CITY IOWA AND SURROUNDING AREAS !!!!

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