Anne Marie Street - Manipulator/Man-Hater

She is a user of friends and family to get what she wants socially and financially. She treats her oldest son, husband, only brother and step father as cash machines. Her husband paid for 2 trips for her and her daughter (wanna be ice skater, better known as the money pit) to Europe. While he stays home, works and watches the youngest under 8. Her oldest son could only go if he paid is own way. Then the way I heard it she constantly to money from him anyway on the trip. Last I heard she kick him out for being gay. Domineering over weight mother. What did she expect. She sees her brother as an idiot and believes he there help pay her bills. She would brag how her brother paid more than half the rent, but slept on a dirty couch in the garage with the dogs. For as long as I have known her back at Ivy High (an Alternative School) She has hated her mom's husband. She just uses him to pay for her daughter's ice skating lessons, clothes, outings and so forth. She always says her grand father's house belongs to her. Something about real blood Should you run into this conniving bit** run. As long as her fat face lips are moving shes lying.

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