Amber Bonowitz - Is she a narc?
3 years ago
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This girl just got busted with a large amount of drugs and cash but no charges. I've been told she's a big time snitch. She's a Tweaker & ring leader, dealing I think. Guess she deals with the Sons. After her bust, they went to all her drop sites. If anyone knows her & knows or can verify any of this as true please post. She may be in cahoots with a Chris Zimmerman, as well as another girl and guy from Hampton Iowa. Amber is from Ackley, Iowa. Young pretty blonde. I'm Looking for verification of if she is a narc.

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Undercover Agent
Mar 25 2019 12:08 PM
So by the way you might want to spell my last name fu***** right numb nuts, whoever wrote this bout me. AND I'd like to see the paperwork you got saying im a fu***** snitch or undercover agent. Get a fu***** life, its pretty sad when you have to talk sh** bout me when you dont even know me. I feel sorry for you two. I'll be praying for you guys! Peace bitc***!
Mar 26 2019 05:04 PM
I have to agree here. Typically you want to obtain proof that someone IS a snitch from a RELIABLE source (not this site) BEFORE you publicly post their name on a site meant to warn people about snitches. Even posting a question like this about someone can start rumors and in this game info like that could put someone in harms way or get them killed.
May 10 2019 04:47 AM
But hey, at least you said she's pretty right? Dumb as*. Smh
May 10 2019 04:48 AM
Well hi Amber. Um, if you look at this post carefully I believe the heading says "is she a narc?". Plus I said I'd heard or been told. I was asking for verification as to if any of this info is actually true. The sources that said these things, are actually pretty reliable, but it's always possible for anyone to be wrong. So before you you commented all of your smart mouthed sh**, maybe you should've read the post correctly bit**.
Dec 07 2019 03:55 AM
Well Amber isnt going to be seeing this because shes in county waiting to go to federal prison.Not many snitches get to go to federal prison!! Theres many others in her case and more to come.So most likely it's one of those cowards.I know who Amber is and frankly think shes a dumb cu** she had a chance to get right but chose to stay wrong even using her game.Which prolly gave her 10 years,she will be old and used up by then.
Dec 07 2019 10:29 PM
12 years fed time ,all but one count dismissed.Its documented that when she was debriefed she said her co-defendant (supposed boyfriend) provided her with methamphetamine and weed.Atta girl Amber it's no wonder the world is going to sh** and shittier.Theres no ride or die loyalty anymore,noone forced her hand to do what she did,theyll like her small town as* in federal prison.NEXT!
Jan 17 2020 02:20 PM
According to pacer and vinelink they amended her sentence like half a month later and let her out on 5 years probation with 6 federal charges hmm....
Jul 30 2020 10:16 AM
So they sent her to Wasceka,federal prison and then let her out? Please show a screen shot.Many people would be interested in this..thanks much!
Aug 11 2020 03:41 AM
They didnt amend her sentence they worded something different than it was suppose to be and all federal papers have to be perfect or they can be fuc*** and could lead to an overturn to her conviction.As for the vinelink when she was released to federal rangers it was told as she was simply released.When actually she was in the in between holding for about a month before she was takin to waseca,minn where she renains and has a release date of 2029
Aug 13 2020 12:41 AM

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