Zombie Gangs - Take back Drone Access from Secret Police
2 years ago
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Police: Suspect arrested after stabbing man sitting in outdoor dining area in Midtown (msn.com)

Three Dead, 11 Wounded in Philadelphia Mass Shooting (msn.com)

It's time to address who has access to drones over these regions. We are tired of corruption (ISIS, Organized Crime, Satanists) having access to where humans are. 

The individuals who commit these terrorist incidents should be placed in a square and let the victim's family do what they like to them. The US is now infiltrated by a species that does not respect human freedoms and the right to enjoy our time off.  COVID is not the reason, it is the powers that be that have gangs and criminal programmed nonhumans have access to humans. If you look at the allegiance of some of the richest people who pay gangs to target nice humans, it comes from the top. It should not be ok for rich, wealthy celebrities and former presidents to proliferate the acceptance of having thugs on their contacts. Our govt is wealthy why can't they prevent terrorist zombies from taking over cities? These incidents are terrorist incidents.

Take the drone access away from gangs! Now 

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