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6 months ago
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Searching for access to a gang network for protection. So I had a psychopath contact a gangstalk group after rejecting one of his gang members. He’s Spanish with criminal networks in Spanish secret police. Brought terrorists over from his home land to blend into our community.  I am seeking access to a network of gang members who are interested in fighting : terrorists for IS, the black klan, Nation of Islam, ISIS, communists ,  who target women traveling alone in the Cherry Hill region of NJ. The cops are scared of them so they are no help. Some of them are cops secret police of foreign entities. I am interested in joining a gang stalk group for protection. I have a lot of information on the opposing gangs. Crimes they do, we have a safe enclave here for radical terrorists: ISIS. I need a thug who can offer protection and scare off the criminal gang. Send them running. 

I am very interested in getting the gangs out of the Camden county region. I am interested in joining like minded people to bring peace into our gang infested region.

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Sorry rebels: Url has changed: Let’s get the prison cap gangs out..... of NJ
Nov 17 2021 11:21 PM
Bloods are mobilizing. Wearing visible gang colors, like they do in bad parts of L.A Where are the cops???
Nov 25 2021 03:39 AM
Remember "defund the police"? Cops won't be doing much anymore.
Nov 25 2021 07:19 AM
They haven’t been defunded yet. Maybe the Feds living in the posh gated communities of DC can get involved? There is so much money thrown at silencing victims of gang crimes. I often ponder why the Feds don’t come in the night and take terrorists away like back to the deserts
Jan 09 2022 02:10 PM

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