Steve EyesIsWatchin - Creepy weirdo in the bathroom
2 months ago
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Steve harrassed me last night at the gas station again. Fred at the cash register told me that he often hangs out by the bathroom where I was because he likes to give hand and oral, whatever that meant. Well I just wanted to piss. Thats it, and all I did was go into the bathroom and there he was.. staring at me with that weirdo smile from a hole on the partition.   

I heard a weird splacking noise going on and on and heavy breathing also,

Fred said yea. that Steve. He makes vids on bitchute and tries to get donations because he claims he lost his job. Who knows..

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Yea I seen him at the gas station also... friggin weirdo. Rumor is, several creeps at that gas station and this dude is one of them. Last week I saw this same person was looking in the trash while I was getting gas. He tried to come ask me for some change and offered a bj. I looked at him and said " fuuuuk you" And quickly left... I dont think Ill be going back to that gas station by the Canadian border
Apr 21 2022 08:14 PM
OMG! That is steve from Rumble! I took a pic of him real quick as he was licking his lips , trying to suck me off from the hole in that wall in that nasty as* bathroom Creepy bastard even wears womens makeup! Stay off the highway station near Canadian Border. Hes always at that dam gas station
Apr 21 2022 08:24 PM
Alert.. i just saw this same weirdo at the grocey store on my way out the bathroom. He asked me for a condom and a looked at me with a weird smile. I think this dude is seriously creepy. I think hes a pedo at the least.. he gives those vibes
May 08 2022 09:55 PM
This is the gay man i saw in the bathroom suckin the little boys penis..
May 24 2022 10:10 PM
Jun 16 2022 01:01 AM
cu* guzzler steve is back at it suking off little boys in the bathroom. according to some meme creators that found his calling card on the walls at gas stations in canada
Jun 16 2022 01:03 AM

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