Persilla zunga - Elder an abuse of handy cap people explotting. An trafficking. Them for there money
4 months ago
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Persilla  zunga works for freedom adult day an health in home care address is 4511 bardstown road Louisville Kentucky 40215 persilla zunga is trafficking  explotting a handy cap man they hold in a nurseing home building at the address they holding Steven Howell fry against his will persilla zunga has  stolen this man funds he has two trust funds one MetLife other predentaul trust for total of 5 million dollars won from law suit in 2006 2007 in Jefferson county KY courts  decammilis was the injury lawyers who had sex crime open cases that Steven Howell fry had. Them removed by a district court judge family courts Jefferson county KY. Judge STEPHINE burke witch is John decammilis injury local lawyer at address 550 south third street Louisville KY he used these sex crimes open cases on Steven Howell fry  as a way to insure he keeps his mouth shut to punish him his own way an took justice in his own hands at same time bought his self a 900 thousand dollar home right after winning the five million dollar lawsuit case put Steve fry dad John fry at trustee cause John decammilis new Steven fry an his dad don't talk at all Steve fry dad be perfect name on. Paper as trustee of met life an predentaul trust fund only John never alerts John fry the dad instead. Illegally he keeps control of Steve lawsuits an spends exploits steels money not worried cause he abuse his power in Louisville KY. By nameing the dad to secure it look like Steve fry dad did explot his son mean while sad never new he was name trustee the lawyer John decammilis illegally  kept control an stole alot of his clients law suit 

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