Matthew Glenn West - C I in Alabama
6 months ago
On person
Category Wanted

Matthew Glenn West is a pus** as* snitch in Jefferson county, Al. He has been working with police to fight multiple upocs, and misdemeanors,  2 receiving stolen property 1st, fraud use of credit card, theft 2nd, cruelty to animals, assault 2nd to name a few. He abuses women, nearly killing one by running her over. He also gay and will go to extremes to hide this from others. He prefers men while on meth. He is sick in the head and has set up countless people. He survives of stealing everything he can from others. His girlfriend Roya yadyasar Dunn has also been a CI to fight distribution cases. She is a kleptomaniac greedy thief as well. She also murdered her husband in 2020 by poisoning him by lacing his drugs. Matthew and Roya have fuc*** with many lives by having them locked up tor robbing others for everything they own. 

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