Marc Gillum - Marc Gillum
5 months ago
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Called FBI ON ME FOR leaving his sorry no hustling sorry as*.I left him for someone else after multiple attempts of trying to fix HIS anger problems. We dated for a year but I knew him a total of 12 years . We were friends with benefits the rest of the years. When one day I told him I was moving in with someone else he chopped my beautiful blonde hair of 26 in. Cut the whole front of it. chopped my fu***** hair!!! Next couple months after being with my new man he literally started calling cops and feds telling them false informations. I had my business open 3  years prior to writing this little article. I was always careful doing my business and when I was taking care of my buisness near his area that when he probably had to come spying on me because hes a stalker snitch . He doesn't deserve to be a black person. Since he aint no hustler and sits on his as* all day long he fu***** snitched. Literally gave him a place to stay and he's a LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR. He lies about NOT TEXTING GIRLS. He is a very sorry as* person whose never brushed his teeth a day in his life even though he has insurance from his parents LOOOOL. DO NOT TRUST HE IS A LOSER THAT IS WHY HE TOLD ON MY BUISNESS . Cuz he hates that I left him I'm a queen I'm a boss Im a hustler. FU** THAT BIT** NIGGGA12 MARC ANTHONY GILLUM HE DONT DESERVE TO BE CALLED BLACKMarc Anthony Gillumlives @ Candence apartments Gaithersburg MD . he always goes outside to smoke cigarettes his parents buy him all his shoes Jordans mostly maybe balance shoes. He smoked newports when i hung with him. He also smokes smoked weed when i knew him. I even rolled his firsxt joint he ever smoked in his fu***** life. Hes skinny lol black complexion with chinese symbols on his left arm.his dad works for ups LOL . He needs to wear glasses to see but i dont know if he uses them or not. HE DONT DESERVE TO BE CALLED ABLACK PERSON 

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