Luke Parsnow - perverted Spectrum Snitch Flood his cell phone/Email

Luke Parsnow. Web reporter for Spectrum News. A1 snitch. Flood his phone/ email. Father is registered child molester.

Patrick Parsnow of Sterling, NY

Luke Parsnow

4750 Woodard Way

Apt. N11

ABC Estates

Liverpool, NY 13088


Cell phone: 315-283-2759

Also lives with another child molester

Michael McAuliffe

Looks for tips on turning people in.

Comments About Luke Parsnow

Luke has to work from home, guess his coworkers can't stand him eirher. Was either that or quit. Thanks for sharing.
May 13 2022 04:38 PM
My Spectrum cable box needs fixing. Would he fix it and give me a BJ for gossip?
May 21 2022 10:24 AM

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