Gloria Parsnow nurse at Red Creek School - Gave more than just a check up.

Red Creek School nurse Gloria  gave me more than a little physical checkover today . You touch my privates of course it'll stand to attention.  Thank you Gloria for relieving my tension in your mouth. Guys are right you like blowing young hot studs.  Oh and if you want one yourself her number is. 315-947-6032. She's married but her husband Patrick Parsnow likes tinkering with young guys also. Must run in that my family.

Comments About Gloria Parsnow nurse at Red Creek School

Mmm yummy. Does she do house Calls? Can I turn my head and cough.
May 10 2022 06:40 PM
Any woman who would do that with underage boys should be arrested and locked away from society. What those boys should do is get together file police reports on that woman get her removed immediately from her job at present and not be able to practice nursing anywhere. And if it's just boys getting even ..Shame on you all. This is absolutely sick
May 25 2022 07:56 AM

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