Ben Hirsch - The worst landlord
2 months ago
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He's the worst landlord.

He lets the place fall apart, doesn't pay property taxes, or ECB fines.

He's a Jewish scumbag, let's druggies stay there.

I want a settlement, not the same crap different day.

What a lousy bastard landlord!

Let's the place freeze in winter.

Let's settle!?

Comments About Ben Hirsch

He's a roach landlord. Freaking bastard moron.
Aug 09 2022 08:58 AM
Sorry, for breaking the law, what about you breaking the law and abandoning me? You're not above the law Mr Hirsch. It's time to bite the bullet, let's face the harsh reality? Let's settle up, no fighting just settlement? Please contact me, at (646) 698-8765.
Aug 12 2022 01:02 PM

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