hally lewis - snitch
8 years ago
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Afraid to do her time for her crimes. Will quickly point the finger even if they didn't do it

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Lol.. She has no business even trying to live the kind of lifestyle she's in. Its hilarious
May 19 2014 03:07 AM
Lol! You go on a anonomyous website called "snitch" where your given the opportunity to "snitch" out someone and label her? Sounds like your the snitch...you shouldn't put that jacket on anyone,without paperwork and, she is no snitch! Looks like she's got some haters!!! Ha ha "Love me or hate me, both are in my favour If you love me, I'll always be in your heart, If you hate me, I'll always be on your mind" - Shakespeare
May 18 2015 07:03 PM
Her bit** made hoe as* boy friend jeremy weast is gor fact have paperwork for anyone wanna see hit 8178128863
Sep 06 2015 10:05 AM
Killough, get a fu***** life! Why you so interested in him? You jealous? You stole n wore his cloths wanting to be him!
Sep 08 2015 01:33 AM
Hally lewis is not a snitch. This is complete bull sh**. For someone that supposedly doesn't know how to do her time she sure as sh** did just that. She spent several years away from her family and friends. So when did this not qualify as doing your time? This is straight slander and sh0ws me that this list isn't backed by any actual facts.
Mar 03 2021 05:14 PM

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