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8 years ago
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Works for DSM DEA B in des Moines ia

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She's turned in 2 of my friends and is still out getting people stay away from this poop slug
Mar 04 2014 04:42 AM
She's now locked up got caught trying to set people up when cops gave her money she went in peoples houses went to there cupboards poured surgar or salt in a bag n took it back out to the popos like they sold it to her n pocketed the money so now she has a theft charge too!!!!! KARMA
Jul 24 2014 05:14 PM
Lol someone mad you couldn't do it like her?
Oct 30 2015 08:52 AM
Really you dumb cu** mad cuz i couldnt do it like her your right it takes a cold piece of sh** to do what she does shes never been any good no one can even stand to be around the loud mouth bit**!!! Popping out hella kids n dont even have any of them but yep im mad cuz i cant do it like her lmao
Feb 02 2017 12:22 AM
For real who would ever want to be like her ratchet as*
Jun 14 2018 02:41 AM
It's kind of funny people talking sh** about her but ain't shown no paper work so the ones who are tLking sh** about her you are the ones who probably snitched on her. So let's get the facts straight she served 4 years in prison March 13 2013 till April of 2017 so how could she tell on anyone you dumb as* rums that's why you reveal urselfs because all you lying as* lowlife bitchies are punk as* rums. A mb d by the way Matt varney and antoine shade told on her she got 4years and they got 18months lmao who snitched on who? So shut the fu** up and know your facts and dont hate on her bc she still makes her money bc she dont fu** with rums that tell stories. So get a life and check your backyards before you go sniffing in someone else's.
Jan 15 2019 06:47 PM
For Real This fake as* App is A Joke! And to all you Itty Bitty Baby as* Snitch Bit** Coming at my family this way.... Watch yourselves! You just dont know what being a Boss Bit** is and never will. Because I just broke a bit** down. Bow down Bit**!
Jan 15 2019 06:56 PM
In not going to argue she knows what the fu** she did and if ur really that close to her you know what she did ur only lying to your self u can't lie to me I know the facts.... And you know only like 5% of people get paper work cuz u have to take it to trial to get it but I also know that if a mf told on you u know who it was that told with or with out paperwork oh and also the bit** that told on me got 30 years n i got 15 years so usually if u snitch u end up with a 30 or 35 year charge sound about right???? Better ask someone
Mar 19 2019 07:11 PM
Hell no if you fu** with her Period you might as well fu** with the police! She turns her own kids dads other baby mom in (who is sober and a great mom btw) cuz she got her son taken when he was born cuz he had meth and a bunch of other sh** in his system n that was like the 5th kid she's had taken! And her baby daddy well one out of the 4 said he used to take her to the police station to check in and tell em what she knows from the week..... So fu** with her if you want to but I choose not to ever
Oct 01 2019 09:12 PM
Any one who knows her knows better then to mess with her she's a rat a liar and a bit** n has no respect for herself or anyone not even her kids or mom
Oct 03 2019 04:15 AM
She is on the run now. Got out of prison and bolted.
Oct 06 2019 10:48 PM
She is on the run now. Got out of prison and bolted.
Oct 06 2019 10:48 PM
She is on the run now. Got out of prison and bolted.
Oct 06 2019 10:48 PM
She is on the run now. Got out of prison and bolted.
Oct 06 2019 10:48 PM
She is on the run now. Got out of prison and bolted.
Oct 06 2019 10:49 PM
Never once have heard one good thing about her n my personal opinion well let's just say I have seen the papers on her she been telling for years the only decent sibling she has is Trisha shows someone didn't know how to raise their kids sad n pathetic
Sep 05 2020 11:34 PM

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