Cean Odom Sr. - Has HIV but won't tell you as he has unprotected serial contact with you and many many others
1 year ago
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He has done this numerous times. He gave one gal HIV for not taking his meds correctly. He needs punished. If this wasn't true it wouldn't need to be said

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Yes he does. He was even having sex with escorts and not telling them and sleeping with them unprotected. God punishing him by giving him ED but he still tries
Sep 25 2021 11:33 AM
Oh my God I just came across this because I found out he was fu***** my best friend excuse me my fake best friend and lying about it and I hope he did give it to her because her husband believes her crying victim want to be as*. I knew there was more people out there how can we contact each other I'm about to start pressing charges
Nov 06 2022 07:40 PM

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