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11 months ago
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This a hairy, stinky vag. She'll sleep with anything that MOVES.. and has been for sale since Jr.High School. They nick named her TUNA FUNKEL AND THAT HAS STAYED THE SAME FOR 30 YEARS. SHE moved to Hawaii and our air quality got better by 73% She said she was a Christian.. But changed her mind and now casts spells for pocket change. HER Breath will knock you down if you dont back hand her for her smart mouth. Would somebody fricken show her what a douche is... ???? AND Its NOT A DUDE WHO JUST WANTS TO BANG YOU, YA KNOW!??? Since she'll fu** your man.. Dont leave her with any of your dudes..., trust me on this. Now she's moved back to hometown Atascadero Ca. AND Have you noticed?? The air quality is sh** again. And since I saw her Gimp as* in Vons grocery.. I realize its because of her smelly pus** being in OUR TOWN AGAIN. fu**!

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OmG...its TRUE.. SHE STINKS BAD YO!!!!!!!
Jun 26 2021 05:30 PM
Quesenberry said her licked her out, and his tongue went numb. He had a cold so he couldnt smell her loose twat. Gross!
Jun 26 2021 05:31 PM
Disturbed said he lost a whole bag of meth and some m&ms down her wack hole when she quefed in his face!!!! I told him to go back and get it!!!! He looked at me horrified and said..." Fu** THAT.. I'LL just go get some more". Then left. Havent seen him since.
Jun 26 2021 05:36 PM

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