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Chrystal Blackshear is a well known snitch she's from garland tx and lives in Dallas she sailed 3 false police reports against a good friend of mine then she was scared he was going turn her in for a robbery she and boyfriend committed and tried to make him think she was going to fix it with no intentions of doing so. He didn't get locked up and now she's trying to say he forced her to sign papers saying he didn't do what she said he did. She's wrong and a liar manipulated and uses everyone

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Good try Richard DeWitt, lol. You're a psychotic dope who** that lies and manipulates women and when they find out the true you, you stalk them, lie about them, and try to destroy them their property and their lives! But you are the only one looking like a fool who can't keep a good woman cuz your so messed up on drugs. The best place for you is jail or a good rehab!
Dec 03 2020 10:15 AM
Your wrong chrystal. You have your little group of heroin junkies that you keep hidden from everyone that keep your ego built up because you think these young guys all want you when the reality' of it is you enable they to use with your money. They use the fu** out of you to get high. You claim the are your friends but yet you hide all of them from your family and your boyfriend (me) and hang out with them after in gone. Usually up to some kind of drug or criminal acts. Robbery or dope anything to make a little gameroom money. You ex before me even said you would keep him dope sick so he wouldn't leave. You continue to fu** with him even though he is fu***** a gay black man to pay his attorney fees like a job wouldn't work right anyway you say he's only a friend gut you still managed to Fucj around on me with him when he was only a friend but still say I'm jealous and it's none of my business and continue to call and hang out with him. He told you in a message that you didn't have to lie about me because he knew you had to use me. He told me that he is surprised I made it this long because most guys don't make it two or three weeks with the fuc*** up relationship that you have with him. I mean what couple let's the partner play someone else and don't look at it as cheating? But you both do good job at making sure the other one doesn't have a relationship that would take them away. As far as hitting or hurting a woman I never hit a woman in my life. You claim the bruise on your arm that you got when I blocked you cup you were throwing at me was from me but we know I was blocking one of you many attacks you have done on me. The day I told you everything was going to be ok and your response was that that's easy for me to say because I have friends everywhere that are helping me and that all you have is me and your sister, that should tell you something. I have those people helping me because they all know I'm a good mother fuc*** that got involved with three crazy women in a row that followed the woman before them at trying to put me away because I wouldn't let them fu***** run around with any guy they wanted to or use me and play their little mind games I beat everything they lyied about in federal court because I'm not stupid and I got what I had to to prove what they were doing and why they were doing it. I'm tired of you blaming my reactions for a our problems. Your action is what brings on the reaction that you can't stand. Stop slapping the dog on the nose if you don't want him to bite you
Dec 08 2020 07:24 AM

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