Gangstalking - Unconstitutional

Lawsin the US protect us from unlawful stalking /mass stalking. We need an investigative team to dig into who is placing Lockheed Martin military drones up in the sky to unlawfully geolocate humans, to stalk, harass, torture and create pockets of nazi squads that target ordinary citizens not enlisted in a cult.

Comments About Gangstalking

Does Michael Aquino allow Setians access to military drones for human sacrifice? If so, this is religious discrimination and we need a class action! My satanist neighbors claim to have drones in the sky and stalk the sh** out of me. Can someone Check if civilian satanist have the right to position military drones in the sky at night?
Sep 07 2020 04:21 AM
We are being unlawfully hunter and fed on, homes entered , blood sacrifices taken, theft, unlawful entry by a satanic Martin cult.
Sep 07 2020 04:23 AM

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