Ken E. Knutson Christy Lee Knutson - Bridges Inc. in Sacramento CA are into Bestiality and Promote it!!
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Ken E. Knutson Owner of Bridges Inc. Sacramento CA hired Jillian Quist Jones and Ken Knutson, Christy Lee Knutson and Jillian Quist Jones engage in Bestiality. Jillian convicted of Bestiality in Sacramento in 2019. Jillian also poisons dogs with antifreeze and does porn videos talking abt her daughter's and is a Prostitute under the name Vanna Sweets in Sacramento 916-822-9665. Ken hired Jillian to be his DoggySlut and they fu** Great Danes and Mastiffs together. Jillian has long track record in Bestiality endeavors as she's fuc*** 125+ Dogs and 6 horses and is involved in primate sexual assaults as is being brought to everyone's attention. Twitter @ CuckoldStinks

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These freaks are also Active Convicted Sexual Predators and CREEPOOOOS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER Ryan Quist joins in the Bestiality fun too. Yikes. I heard his co** is huge like a horse di**.
Aug 24 2020 06:02 PM

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