Kassi barnes - cop who** rat
1 year ago
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Category Abuse

She gets in with people helps set them up sucks them dry of there money and drugs and moves on to next victom

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Aug 15 2020 09:58 PM
Lmfao! People be haters these days. She ain't no snitch. Stop hating bitc***. Whoever posted that needs to worry about learning how to spell! Lol haters are great!
Aug 16 2020 04:18 PM
Aug 16 2020 06:35 PM
Pretty chicken sh** of the person who is posting this about Kassi. Can't even tell everyone who you are? Sounds like you're the one accusing and snitching. It's okay Michelle, everyone knew you were jealous of her. Didn't know you'd go to this extreme and post lies about her.
Aug 16 2020 11:46 PM

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