Christopher Jay Pinson - False Accusation Landed Friend In Prison
2 years ago
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My good friend James who we gonna call 3D used to hang around this real cool dude we called The Batman, we called him dat cuz he was kinda like a Crime Fighter around da hood even tho he be White, we all still like him. One day this straight up Crack Head Nig** name Chris Pinson, he call himsel Jay moved in although Batman was tryna buy da house. One day 3D call up Batman and told him he gots himm some trees and Batman let him in but he had to go beef with Chris first cuz Chris be low down dealin wit 3D's girl. 3D left and then Chris start bawlin dat 3D rob him and told Batman that it be true and Chris got two other friends to false witness now James is in Jail, an we thinl Chris killed Batman an we Know he raped an Killed 3D's girl and locked her body in the trunk of his old car then had the car scrapped an bought a new one before anyone saw the old car cuz it was demolished, like flattened out

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Lying Pig
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Nah man, Batman ain't dead, but dat Motercikle gang him sistta roll wit be lookin fo dat Chris bit** an dey wanna kills Chris.
Jun 18 2020 12:41 AM
If you are speaking about Christopher Jay Pinson, I know some sick sh** about that particular jackass. On two separate occasions I myself had witnessed him giving a dog, an actual dog, with four legs, a tail and fur, a blow*** and then attempt to stuff the dog's di** in his own assh***.
Jun 18 2020 12:45 AM

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