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Renessa Availon Zephyrine-Lewis is the nastiest lowest level of bed wenches I have ever known. She is married and cheating on her husband with my friends man. The man she is cheating with works at the St. Anns hospital and has a child with my friend. Backstory: Renessa befriended the woman (my friend) when she heard she came back to Trinidad. They met at her house in October of 2019 where they sat and ate lunch and drank a number of times. The friendship came to an end when the woman (my friend) realised Renessa was overly excited and too interested in the situation, especially being a married woman who claimed to be happily married and not leaving her husband for anyone. She also claimed she and the man from the labour office were JUST FRIENDS and that she only had sex with him when the woman (my friend) was not in the country and she did not know her. She also claimed that she was afraid that the man would try to break up her family life. She also hugged my friend and cried and professed that she had been through a similar situation whereby she was living with a man who was cheating on her and she became 5 months pregnant with him but then lost the child because he had been such a cheater. Needless to say that was a fu***** lie, because as it turns out, she was also the homewrecker in that situation as well. Renessa even admitted that when she asked the man from St Anns what happened to you and your child mother, the man said, she and I did not really break up, she just left. So it was established that there was more than just a relationship there and it was not just because of the child as the man had told certain people. Furthermore, the man was renting an apartment together with my friend, who was also working so to say that he rented it for his son, is simply a BS cop out, especially due to the fact that he then moved out from there and moved in to another place with her in January of this year 2020. The fact is, he said so many lies about my friend, calling her crazy, not being honest about why she left with the child. The fact of the matter is my friend is no crazy, in fact, it was the mans idea to have her return to Trinidad, and not because he could not see his child, since these two NEVER lost contact the entire time they were a way, all but for 6 months during the later part of 2018. So this man needs to stop telling lies to hide his own fault. My friend was a good woman to him, followed his lead and her only crime is loving him. He does not appreciate all of the sacrifices she has made for him, nor does he appreciate the life she has given to him. He punishes her over and over and over just for leaving him. When he has not stopped to realise that the reason she left was his own doing. His own fault. Most men would recognise when they are wrong, but he never does. His entire history with women, the women always turns out to be the crazy one, the wrong one right? And him, the common denominator somehow, manages to remain without blame? Come to fu** on people, this can never fu***** be!!!! My friend was mentally, emotionally and physically abused. She is well educated, beautiful but grew up very sheltered and knew this man since he was a child. He took advantage of her innocence. She is not some desperate baby mom who has a fantasy about family in her head as he has told some people behind her back but rather the companion of a man who is too coward to admit the truth and lives for the approval of others who cannot possibly know what actually goes on behind closed doors. This man was lying to everyone, even his mom did not know why he brought my friend back to Trinidad until recently. Meanwhile this dirty whoring trash bag name Renessa was secretely meeting up with the man from st anns at hilcrest haven in cascade and other cheap prostitute lodgings around port of spain to have sex with him, while pretending to be a friend to my friend. Consoling her for all the woman the man was sleeping with at St Anns hospital as well as in other places in and around st anns. During this time, Renessa was secretly recording confidential conversations she had with my friend, removing all the parts where she would condemn and bad talk this man, while she sent him the conversations so that it would appear that only my friend had sh** to say about him. She even tried to link my friend up on one of her male friends to get her to break up her family so she could have the man. My friend caught Renessa talking to the man and told Renessa to loose her fu***** number before she beats her as*. Renessa actively and positively set out to destroy this womans family. The piece of information that makes this story one of the nastiest levels of betrayal in that this Renessa went to the home of the woman in October of 2019, to pretend she was some kind of confident and go between. she admitted to the woman that she had had sex with her boyfriend before she returned to Trinidad. Renessa apologized and pretended she was not speaking with the man. Fast forward to December, my friend and the man fell out over a series of women he with whom he was having phone conversations. One of the notable ones, a nurse from ward 9 at st anns. That nurse realised what was happening and she quickly terminated all conversations with the man. They separated for about two weeks. By now, all the names on the man list had found that my friend returned with the child and pulled back, all but one. The who** with the lowest level of morals, no female code, no respect for her marriage or the relationships called Renessa Availon Renessa Zephyrine-Lewis of LP62 Branch Rd Arima. She claimed the man told her I was no longer in the picture. Which makes no sense, since he was sleeping at the same apartment with my friend, so if Renessa is being honest, where would he tell you he would go at night? You were not spending 24 hrs with him while you were stealing moments away from a woman trying to work on her relationship and while you were inserting yourself into time he should be spending with his child. Renessa. Renessa went so far as to answer the phone of strange number calling his phone when she was around, and this is how my friend found out something was up. She called one day from a strange number and madam Renessa who at that point was still bumping and grinding on her husband Paul, answered the phone. She was also in the ear of the man, urging him to Stop encouraging his baby mom to call him (btw he was living with his baby moms sleeping in the same bed) and this boldface, desperate monkey) was trying everything in her power. She finally got a way in, when my friends and the mans mother had a nasty falling out, which caused a rift between them and Renessa saw this as her way in. She got on the phone with the woman, claimed she believed yes for a fact that up to the time of the phone call the man was still in a relationship with my friend, yet she pushed up herself. Renessa is the lowest form of who** there is. The one who would pretend to be your friend and fu** your man while shes at it. What makes matters worst is the fact she ruined her own family life and someone elses. As the friend of this woman and the cousin of this man, Renessa is the 6th person he has had around since my friend came home. His mom knew about all 6 women and that is why my friend and her had a falling out. When you see this girl going through struggles, dont feel sorry for her. The audio will be posted to youtube later today so the world can see how disgustingly boldface this homewrecker is and how low some women can stoop for the sake of breaking up someone else's family. Dear Renessa, the man in question is my cousin and most of us think youre nasty for what you did. You dont go and sit at someones dinner table and end up with their man. That is beyond low and nasty. Regardless of what the man has told you and his family, we all lie for eachother. Wha man cheats and tells the truth? The whole fu***** thing based on lies bit**. What goes around comes around. And boldface driving in the frontseat of car that woman money paid for, you have no shame and nothing about yourself. That is why youre afraid to meet. Sick lowrate low down pretensive hoe. You did all that to the girl and you still aint the only one. Was it worth loosing your family over and breaking someones family up? you still aint the only, he pretends well, but bitc*** like you always have an expiration date for him. The amount of Renessas passed through here last year its not funny. Now you make my friend walk out on her man and son and your husband threatening to ki** your and the man. You caused a whole mess because you are a hoe. What kind of man fuc** with her husband and fuc** two whole other men at the same time. Whorish bad.

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This hoe went to the belmont police station last year to complain that she was being posted online as a homewrecker and that she was innocent. This hoe literally has no shame. How can you claim you wanted to help someone and end up with the man after. She fu***** stink, dutty , low, nasty and everything in between. The lowest any woman can sink to is what Renessa did. Not to mention she actually was everytihng she was accused of being online.
Mar 14 2020 09:20 AM
Renessa was always a stinking nasty little whoring bit**. She pretensive and boastful about herself and accomplishments. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.
Mar 22 2020 08:01 AM

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