Glenn byron - Murderer
2 years ago
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Killed his wife karista Holmes and claimed it was suicide. Now has his mom taking care of there 2 kids

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Do you know how the kids are ? And what city?
Mar 10 2020 08:25 AM
I'm sure the kids miss their Mom terribly. It's a heartache daily I'm sure. I wonder who posted this snitch in the first place?
Mar 20 2020 05:14 PM
Does anyone know where they are or how the kids are? I miss them and just want to know if they're ok.
Oct 26 2020 11:49 PM
Ya the kids are still kids and doing ok. They are currently out in Marysville. Just wish the best to those two and hope someday the truth will finally come out. The truth doesn't change like Glenn's story's of what he wished happened that night because it isn't the truth at all That he has told anyone
Oct 30 2020 01:00 AM
This ingo is completely wrong. First off they don't live in Marysville, second off it was a tragic suicide and lastly Pat Lange is trying to defame Glenn because he was secretly in love with his best friends wife. What a loser. If anything show love to the kids and a single dad now making it work on his own. How shameful to make something up and hide your alias like this, the family has already had to deal with enough.....thats a direct call at you patrick Lange the real snake......
Dec 14 2020 05:14 PM
Let's see with what little information is available on karista holmes homicide there is 1 big red flag. Why would she chose to shoot herself left handed? It would seem to me if I wanted to ki** myself I'd use my dominant hand to ensure the highest probability of success. And combined that with body location it doesnt really seem likely in the least. But to each there own maybe befor calling people out you try looking at facts and not just the word of the most likely person to commit this heinous act.
Jul 13 2021 01:43 PM
Is that so, maybe you Patrick Lange, should feel ashamed for feeding someone's addiction only to run out on them when they were at there weakest point. The thought of being alone without kids and with your low life as* is enough to push anyone over the edge hence the reason your alone and will always be. Stop spreading lies. You're already an embarrassment to the family and to yourself, posting on an anonymous website for fu****** whats wrong with you. Low life
Jul 21 2021 10:13 PM
Ok let's clear some sh** up and this is Tiffany btw i don't need to hide like a fu***** coward..First of all Pat, Karista was ambidextrous. Second of all, I'm sure her family has no idea that you were feeding her all kinds of drugs..we found many pill bottles hidden in her purse/drawers etc. with all kinds of drugs in them and the pill bottles had your name on them. I also saw you giving her pills one day at a family members house after she was clean and sober and trying so hard to stay off them. As well as someone seeing you and her doing a much harder drug together that you provided. So tell me how much could you have loved her? Who feeds a recovering addict and mother of two drugs and alcohol? Someone who is desperate and selfish and doesn't give a fu** who he hurts as long as it's good for him right? And then when confronted about it all by Glenn you decide to run out on her while she's sobbing and broken?? YOU have the biggest amount of responsibility in all of this. On top of that you post this bullshit on the internet so that if those poor kids google their Dad this is what they have to read? Haven't you caused those kids enough pain? Karista would be absolutley disgusted with this sh**. None of this brings her back. Take this sh** down.
Jul 26 2021 03:32 PM

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