Bert bandstra - Narc and snitch

This guy is a narc. He was raised by the atf and wright county sheriff's. Was picked up by feds a day ago but is out already!? With just probation didn't know that you went to court already. Just trying to save his own as*!!! He is on the prowl so watch out!! I don't know anyone who messages their dealer that atf picked them up. Weird! He is no good! His story changed every time!

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Gee, ever heard of pre-trial release you fu***** moron? Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting stupid sh** like this. Everyone knows he is facing time and has not been sentenced yet. That's public knowledge, you stupid ignorant low-life. Get a fu***** life. Sounds like you are the real snitch. LMFAO.
Jul 21 2019 08:34 PM
Hahahahaha perfect.... hope he rots
Sep 03 2019 12:34 AM
Sh** this guy is facing 20years for one indictment, no controlled buys, no nothing while the 3 other people indicted are getting half the time while having sold to an undervover federal agent, numerous CIs, and having numerous stolen firearms in their posession. Paperwork says so. Fuc*** up if u ask me.
Dec 08 2019 06:12 AM
Hes not facing 20years and the dumb bit** who got everyone hung up in the first place got 12 years and had all but 1 count dismissed.The only reason hed be facing 20years is he wasnt smart enough to take a plea bargin,taking a case like this to trial with the feds is unheard of they will smash you.As for the others in the case they havnt been sentenced so how can you even know sh**?
Feb 03 2020 08:17 PM
Oh I'm sorry, 19yrs is what hes facing. 210-260months . Its public record u ignorant fu**. Get a pacer account then open ur mouth. Hes facing what he is bc he wasn't going to plea to something hes not guilty of, unlike the others involved who worked with the feds and rolled over on everyone else. As for the "others" involved in this case??? There were 4 ppl indicted, that's it. Look it up, Bonewitz et al. On pacer. So dont run ur mouth wondering how I know what I know. I've been to the federal courthouse in Des Moines for hearings. Amber's been sentenced, troy's is this month, bandstras is in march. Zimmermans probably wont come since his record has been cleared back to 09 for working with the feds. The next indictments will come for those who Zimmerman has been staying with and dealing with since June do us all a favor, get a pacer account, find someone that has the discovery and read through it....then u voice ur opinion. Until then, stfu.
Feb 08 2020 06:42 PM
Hi quick question so Amber's been released from Polk county However when you do a federal inmate search it shows her as an Inmate and release date is 2029 but then it says not in B.O.P. custody so where is she if she ain't been taken to her fed pen and she ain't in Polk then where duh fu** she go??? Just a concerned person!! Also why'd the section on Amber that had been posted to her name on get deleted??? How's that even possible also??? Spooky stuff!! Bless Up
Feb 20 2020 12:38 AM
Shes most likely in transit,at a holding center until they find a place at a federal prison.You know many aspects of this case are 'sealed' so even if you have pacer you cannot access many details.
Mar 07 2020 07:44 PM
Amber's still on this site,plenty said about her too..
Mar 07 2020 08:06 PM
Shes under Amber Bonowitz lol
Mar 14 2020 04:05 AM
Well according to pacer Bert is sentenced to 190 months in federal prison,that's a long time for a sniitch!
Apr 01 2020 11:09 PM
He was dumb,took his case to trial,the picture evidence alone was damning,then he also had a gun.If he would of plead to ten years he probubly would have gotten 12-13 years.He is appealing the verdict,but his lawyer must be an idiot for not convincing him to plea.
Apr 06 2020 06:06 PM
He was sentenced March 11. The appeal is for the sentence, not the verdict, btw. And no he did not have a gun. It was cased up in the bedroom closet.... he wasn't indicted or charged with anything relating to firearms, but they put it in his PSI......thats what the appeal is about as well. They will do whatever it takes to keep him locked up far away from here just to cover their as***. The truth will prevail in the end....Ryan Moore, DNE Special Agent in Charge, had a lil mishap with a handgun he failed to clear while executing a search warrant in this case...did damage to a home and nearly missed a FYI, when a person has all the paper documents for a case, that includes the SEALED ones. So please quit acting like u know everything and insulting people's intelligence. I was at the trial, I was at sentencing. You were not.
Apr 17 2020 11:33 AM
O,because you have access to the sealed case?? Right...,I have pacer I seen the evidence pictures including the gun.Let me ask you though,many people are saying that amber bonewitz set him and others up do you think that is a possibility?
Apr 27 2020 06:59 AM
Amber didn't set anyone up, she is the one who got set up and to let you all know I did see all her paperwork I was in Polk county jail with her Thank You so much She Didn't Snitch or set any of these guy's up they F***** her up
May 27 2020 09:57 AM
Right because in her paperwork she says "Troy Clark (whom she told the feds was her boyfriend,but wasnt) provided her with product before she was raided then she provided product to him.So that's not bullshit?? She also got money and sh** stolen from her car at Clark's house within a few minutes of him being there,and she was on her phone right before it happened and clark gave her his eta.She has always been sketchy and who is dumb enough to go even deeper after being raided and kid takin away? Fu***** with a dude 20 years older than you with a wife and a girlfriend? Not smart enuff to figure out that he didnt want to be on her bad side after all that.Guess shes got alot of time to figure it out
May 27 2020 07:07 PM
She fuc*** over a good person troy dident deserve that.
Sep 14 2020 11:54 PM
both bonewitz and clark had a chance to get right but decided to keep fu***** up...
Sep 23 2020 10:46 PM

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